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Detaching myself from the blog traffic outcome

Detaching/Blog Traffic

I can not be patient with patience. I need to work on being patient. Sometimes I have been disappointed with the amount of traffic that I have received to my blog. This is kind of or just downright silly considering that I started this blog a week ago. Obviously it will take time to build traffic.

With “looking for the good” in this situation, my strong desire for acceptance is forcing me to express myself through writing. I am pleasantly surprised with how much that I enjoy writing. I think this blog will be very therapeutic for me on several levels.

All in all – if the blog genie asked me, John, would you rather have one hundred a day thoughtful, intelligent visitors with a half-dozen comments or five hundred a day random visitors with no comments – I would say to the blog genie – send me the one hundred.

Here’s a little duality regarding my patience and impatience, being and becoming. I regularly listen to Brian Tracy’s “The Science of Positive Focus” so I can learn how to be what I want to be. I also regularly listen to Wayne Dyer’s “Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life – Living the Wisdom of the Tao”, so I can learn how to just be.




~ JB ~


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