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Firefox Browser Tip

Firefox Browser Tip

You might want to try this tip if you have, do, and do not want to do the following:

You have tons of plug-ins, widgets, do-dads, and what-nots on your Firefox browser.

You do load numerous windows and tabs during your creative binges.

You do not want to figure out why a page is not loading during a creative binge.

Install the Opera browser (an excellent browser in its own right) as your backup browser. When a page in your Firefox browser will not load, you copy the URL – like say https://jbuniverse.wordpress.com/ – and paste it in your Opera browser. Hit enter on that keyboard and keep them creative juices flowing. You can figure out later why the web page didn’t load. Just remember to not add plug-ins, widgets, do-dads, and what-nots on your Opera browser. Below is the link to Opera.

Opera web browser - download




~ JB ~


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