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Win-Win-Win Situation


A Win-Win-Win Situation

If I didn’t dislike long titles, I would have called this piece “A Win-Win-Win Situation or how I lost forty pounds by quitting cigarettes.” I know it sounds improbably – but it did happen – so hear me out. I am not out to sell anything. I am not an expert in tobacco addiction or weight loss. It has taken me a long time to learn what works for me in being smoke-free and weight healthier. Maybe this article will spark you into trying things that will work for you.

I tried many times to quit smoking cigarettes over the years, but my attempts wouldn’t last. I believe a major reason for my success was with a paradigm shift (how I envisioned quitting smoking would be) that I had before the last and final time I quit smoking.

My unsuccessful paradigm with quitting smoking was. (This is going to be a win-LoseLose situation. I will be healthy by quitting smoking, but it is going to be hard, it is going to be stressful, I’m going to gain weight, etc., etc.)

My successful paradigm with quitting smoking was. (This is going to be a WinWinWin situation. Not only will I be healthy by quitting smoking , but I will lose weight, I will be stronger, I will feel better, etc., etc.)

So my thinking was – smoke-free, loose weight, stronger, and feel better? It was a no-brainer, a done deal for me. So I started a little exercising before I stopped smoking. I started increasing my exercising the day after I quit smoking. I very gradually kept increasing my exercising little by little, week by week, and then I started calorie counting every day. I lost forty pounds in under a half year. I am not saying this was a “walk in the park’, but I don’t feel I sacrificed anything. It took work, but enjoyed the process, and I do feel so much better on many levels. This worked and is working for me. What will work for you?

* Consult your health care provider before engaging in

exercise and or a change of diet.




~ JB ~


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