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1,016 Steps To Go

~ 1,016 Steps To Go ~

“The Way” in My Life


This writing is a continuation of my article “Reappearance of the Do” that I posted on 06/12/08.

Although I am proud of what I have accomplished in the very short time that I have been practicing Taekwon-Do, I have barely “scratched the surface” of learning “The Way”. I have been practicing this martial art for months not years or decades. My original exposure to Taekwon-Do twenty years earlier was even shorter, but it made a lasting impact on me. I am now fortunate to be learning “The Way”.

My long term goal in Taekwon-do is to learn, practice, live, and excel at “The Way” for twenty years. And if a week of my Taekwon-Do practice is a step, I have taken 24 steps, and I have 1,016 steps to go. The only possible way for me to achieve this huge goal is to learn, practice, and live, “The Way” one step at a time.




~ JB ~


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