Custom Fabricated Motorcycle Inspection Sticker Plate

Custom Fabricated Motorcycle

Inspection Sticker Plate


There is one thing besides riding, riding, and more riding that I like to do with my 1998 Harley-Davidson XL, and that is fabricating custom parts for it. Below are photos of a custom inspection sticker plate that I just completed.


Photo 1

Overview; the original and the custom replacement at different stages.


Photo 2

The original Harley inspection sticker plate. Very utilitarian shape – it was an excellent candidate for replacement with a one-off custom.


Photo 3

First I found some material for my project. I used a piece of 1/8 aluminum for my replacement. After cutting the blank to size, I drilled a mounting hole.


Photo 4

I got a pencil out, put my designer hat on, and did a little layout work. The next step was to rough cut the design.


Photo 5

A rough cut inspection sticker plate.


Photo 6

Next I smoothed out the the jagged edges with a hand grinder and hand file. I then sanded the whole piece.


Photo 7

Here it is primed and painted. The plate had a good shape, but I thought it needed something more.


Photo 8

I decided to file a double knife edge to it. This gave it a two-toned look, and it also enhance the 3D appearance. The final step was to give it a little clear coat paint.


Photo 9 & 10

The finished piece.


Photo 11

The custom inspection sticker plate mounted on my Harley ready for an inspection sticker.




~ JB ~


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2 Responses

  1. Impressive John. Great work. I love the layout of this article. The step by step is really interesting to see how it came about. I’ll send this to some motorcycle enthusiasts I know.

  2. Thanks a lot Ray Mannion!

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