Pass on the “Seeds of Greatness”

Pass on the “Seeds of Greatness”

I wanted to pass on this absolute gem of what I call universal wisdom. It was written by Mr. Denis Waitley the best-selling author, speaker, poet and lyricist. I read it on his ezine, and it is a keeper!


Seeds of Greatness by Denis Waitley

The Safari Called Life Check-off List:

• Learn from those who have gone before

• Travel lightly; no extra baggage

• Be prepared and expect the unexpected

• The more you learn the less you fear

• Slow down, watch and listen

• Respect your environment

• Leave your ego behind

• Anticipate, innovate and make do

• Be optimistic; tomorrow did not exist before

• Collect memories instead of souvenirs

• Enjoy the journey

• Celebrate all life, not just your own


Reproduced with permission from the Denis Waitley Ezine.

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~ JB ~


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