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JLB Sculpture 02/00/08

I call this Angleburst. First of a new series of metal sculptures. It is an aluminum plate cut, drilled, and shaped with hand tools. It has a basic finish. I did not want the finish to distract from the lines. It is mounted an inch or so off the back plate. I am very proud of this. It is hanging in my friend’s deli.


JLB Sculpture, 2/15/08;

I love geometric shapes, and I am very pleased with the shapes in this sculpture. I did not intend to make faces – it just turned out that way. It has a rough finish. This is my favorite, geometric wise, in this group.


JLB Sculpture, 1/25/08;

This one has a different background color. Also I got the shapes by cutting, drilling, and painting. I think diamond shapes are cool, It has a nice shiny, wavy, finish.


♦ The Pumpkin Compass ♦

JLB Sculpture, 02/26/08

This one has a couple of interesting shapes. Plus it has a very distinct finish.


JLB Painting, 02/27/08

This one was an experiment with all painting – no cutting, drilling, or shaping with hand tools. This is just one piece of aluminum. You can loose yourself looking in this one.


JLB Sculpture 2008

I made and donated this sculpture to Oneonta Taikwon-Do, my martial art school. The two metal silhouettes were rough cut with a scroll saw. I finished shaping them with hand files – time consuming. I mounted them to another piece of aluminum on top of another. I am proud of the shapes of the back plates.


JLB Sculpture 2008

My friend asked me to make a motorcycle theme sculpture for his deli. It is a silhouette of a Harley cut from an aluminum plate. It is screwed on to another aluminum plate painted in three colors.


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