I Wasn’t Born A Smoker

I Wasn’t Born A Smoker

When I was thinking of or actually trying to quit smoking cigarettes I was always thinking that this is hard to do or this is impossible to do. One truth that I kept returning to and gave me comfort was the thought that “I Wasn’t Born A Smoker”.

I smoked cigarettes for so long that I had a hard time visualizing myself being a non-smoker. If I could not visualize myself being a non-smoker, it was unlikely that I would achieve my goal of becoming a non-smoker. So along with other positive thoughts to help me quit smoking I kept referencing the fact that I wasn’t born a smoker.

I wasn’t born a smoker – what a beautiful thought. If I wasn’t born a smoker and I was smoke-free for a large part of my life then was I a smoker or someone who smoked cigarettes? I then proclaimed that I was born a non-smoker and that I will return to being a non-smoker. These thoughts along with other positive thoughts, and a lot of hard work, has brought me to the point were I can proudly say. I am a non-smoker — I am smoke-free.




~ JB ~


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