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Taekwon-Do Articles

A Way

1,016 Steps To Go

Reappearance of the Do


Taekwon-Do Links


The origin, history, and legacy of the Taekwon-Do and it’s founder General Choi Hong Hi – a must go to site for Taekwon-Do practitioners.

S.J. Kim’s Taekwon-Do

Grandmaster Suk Jun Kim, 9th Dan

This is Grandmaster Kim’s school, the home of traditional Taekwondo and martial arts training in N.Y.C. Grandmaster Kim is also president of Taekwon-Do International.

TKD Tutor

TKD Tutor has lots and lots of good information for Taekwon-Do and martial arts practitioners.

Blue Cottage Taekwon-Do

This web site is a good source of ITF style Taekwon-Do information.

Rayners lane Taekwon-do Academy

Interesting Taekwon-Do website from the U.K., flashy web site but it has a lot of good articles and information.

The (Shamelessly) Unofficial Taekwondo Resource

This site is another good source of Taekwon-Do information.





~ JB ~


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